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Lochmann Cabine S.r.l. has been manufacturing tractor cabs since 1983. Over the years it has specialised in quality and innovation to meet the needs of its various customers.

In addition to tractor cabs, it also produces certified cabins especially designed for agricultural machinery, construction equipment, municipal equipment and snow groomers, fully set up cabins or semi cabins. The special attention to detail in design and later in assembly, allows the company to be competent on the market.


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Development process

In order to guarantee perfect harmony between machine and cabin, we develop a partnership with the customer in this planning phase.


The cabin

Starting from a basic cabin which is suitable for customers who want a low-cost but high-quality cabin, Intercabin can be equipped with many extras that are tailored to your needs.

The company

Flexibility, Project Management, professionalism for quality cabs

In a region, where the economy and culture are deeply rooted in agriculture LOCHMANN CABINS produces since 1983 tractor cabs which are viewed as a landmark for their quality and attention to details, equipped with the most modern technologies available on the market.