The frame, load-bearing structure of the cabin, is thoroughly welded by UNI EN 287.1:2012 certified workers in special welding stations. To meet the multiple demands of the market, our prototype department produces equipment and welding masks to better manage and adapt details to each individual customer request.

Processing pipes and profiles

In our welding department, only top notch quality steel bars are being processed; to be more detailed, they are first cut and then bent, calendered, drilled and punched. Thanks to CNC machines of the latest generation, profiles can be fit based on our customer's demands.

Sheet metal processing

Starting from the study of the cabin, the sheet metal parts are laser-cut with two machines of latest generation in plates ranging up to 20 mm of thickness, to then be rolled and folded via hydraulic and electric benders.


The finishing of each cabin includes cataphoresis treatment prior to painting, which guarantees maximum resistance to corrosion over time.


The company is adept at handling both large standard production and small batches thanks to its well-defined processes, in which each figure is seamlessly integrated and given the opportunity to operate in the best possible way, contributing to obtaining a collective result of great satisfaction.