We have the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate

The Quality Management System ISO 9001 leads the organization for continuous improvement of performance which demonstrates that the company is able to provide customers with responsibility and quality.

Design quality

For original equipment designs, quality criteria are established together with the client to ensure complete integration of the quality standards of the cabin with the vehicle.

Process quality

The flawless quality of LOCHMANN CABINS originates from experience and meticulous quality control activities carried out during all steps of the business process.

Product quality

LOCHMANN proposes to the market approved solutions of superior quality, providing clients with products that are safe and compliant with the law.

3D Measurements

To guarantee our customers the highest quality and accuracy of the cabins, we use innovative measurement systems. With this technology we can provide accurate data on components and complex surfaces (deep cavities or thin edges), as well as convenience and safety for our customers.