Testing and certification

Carrying out tests on the cabin survival space are already routine for us.

Just to name the usual tests:

  • ROPS test (Roll-Over-Protective-Structure - against rolling over)
  • FOPS test (Falling-Objects-Structure - resistance in case of heavy objects falling from above)
  • TOPS test (Tip-Over-Protection-Structure - protection device against tipping over) and EOPS test (Excavator-Over-Protection-Structure - protection device against rollovers)
  • OPS test (Operator-Protection-System - protection against penetrating objects)

Pressure tests

LOCHMANN CABINS is always up to date with regards to new directives and guidelines that guarantee the security and well-being of the operator who might get in contact with dangerous chemical components by driving agriculture- and forestry machines or self-driving sprayers. To keep up with our goal of maintaining continuous safety and quality, we plan and produce cabins corresponding to the European guideline EN 15695 – 1.2009 category 4. On request of the client, the cabins are undertaken a pressure test; this service is executed during the prototyping phase of the cabin, before the pre-production by our skilled and certified operators begins.

Noise and water tests

LOCHMANN CABINS strives to provide its clients with top-notch quality and safety products. Therefore, upon your request, we are glad to offer specific noise tests that comply to the 2009/76/CE directive (the noise level to which the driver of an agriculture- or forestry machine is exposed).

Every cabin produced by LOCHMANN CABINS is subject to a water test: this is executed in order to avoid any possible liquid infiltration into the driver's cabin.