Starting from a basic cabin which is suitable for customers who want a low-cost but high-quality cabin, Intercabin can be equipped with many extras that are tailored to your needs.

Our online catalog provides the necessary support for the creation of your individual cabin!


Intercabin is built as a modular, individual and neutral cabin, as, with simple mounting points, it perfectly adapts to all machines in the construction industry and in agriculture, without the need for modifications on the machine itself. A modern and attractive design with high quality materials and a careful study of details have led to a perfect combination of quality and comfort.


The air circulation from outside to inside the cabin is performed through four filters; a special system allows easy replacement of the filter, and our clients can choose between a normal dust filter, an activated carbon filter and other filters that have the DIN EN 15695 Class 4 certification.

Moreover, the cabin can be equipped with a ventilation system with heating and air conditioning; this particularly avoids the fogging of the windshield and of the doors and heats/cools the interior so as to improve daily working conditions.

Individual exterior equipment

Personalization and detail selection, Intercabin gives the customer the possibility to our clients to make it theirs from the smallest detail, starting from the color of the roof and the frame, to the position of the windshield wipers, to the number and size of worklights, and finally to the mirror functions (heating and adjustable from the inside).

Individual interior equipment

The cabin, main place of activity, can be developed upon request from its basic version to make it more comfortable, thanks to the extensive selection of possible interiors. Our customers can consult our online catalog and there determine details such as the cladding, the punched rubber mat, the stencilled underroof, the ABS cover and the seat and the console for his cabin.


The cabin, if requested by our clients, can be provided with various optional extras to make it more complete. From the refrigerator up to the glove compartment, the clothes hangers, the bottle holder, the sun shields, the radio, the autonomous heating up to various 12V sockets.

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