Lochmann Cabins
The company

Flexibility, Project Management, professionalism for quality cabs

In a region, where the economy and culture are deeply rooted in agriculture LOCHMANN CABINE produces since 1983 tractor cabs which are viewed as a landmark for their quality and attention to details, equipped with the most modern technologies available on the market, on behalf of the most prestigious international brands of agricultural tractors, construction machinery and special-purpose machines.
To this day, LOCHMANN CABINE has been able to consolidate its stable market position, thanks to a structure characterised by skill, professional service and expertise where the principles of flexibility to customers and product quality take centre stage.
By leveraging a lean organisation, skilled Project managers and designers, we offer cabs for ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT AND AFTER MARKET.


Continuity, experience & innovation/h5>

Satisfied customers through experience, professionalism and innovation. This is how we managed to become the market leader with our cabins.


History of Lochmann

Ernst Lochmann began in his forge in Tesimo with the manual production of trailers, winches, protective roofs, spraying devices and much more.

The Lochmann group

Experience and innovation in the agricultural sector

70 years of experience and tradition